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2 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Earlier this year I bought a small radio transmitter. I spent many weeks this summer driving around the American southwest broadcasting my own radio station on 89.7 FM in a one mile radius around my rental car. Today I bought a small TV transmitter. It cost $40 US. With it I intend to add a television channel to my burgeoning physical proximity media empire. I may buy several transmitters so that I own numerous stations within several hundred feet of my body.

    I mention this because simultaneous with the risk of cultures shattering and losing coherence as centralized identity formation through media disappears (and that’s still a big if) an astounding decentralization is attendant. People’s ability to create heterotopias is increasing yearly. There is a possibility to challenge interpellation. Humanity is becoming more tolerant than ever before because we are being exposed to more than ever before.

    In the southwest, I and several other artists built a pop-up drive-in just off I-40. We showed a film shot in Svalbard, Greenland on a screen of iced milk to hundreds of drivers as they passed our site. Events like this are happening more and more every day. I am not a techno-utopian. But I suggest that the end of corporate analogue might free it up for the barely audible hum, the insistent buzz, of many other voices.

    These may be the last days of centralized media, but they are still the early days of decentralized information.

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