Dana Sederowsky

Hasselblad Announcements from Dana Sederowsky on Vimeo.

(Single part of video triptych)

In my video work I use a system of rules, a rigorous system; the camera is to be still and portray without cuts, the background should be monochrome and I only use my own body and perform texts I have written myself. Within this set of rules I use a mosaic of means in my attempt to understand how the voice and face create meaning. My own voice and face compose the main material and, like language, take on its meaning through use.

There is no contradiction in my works between the power of speech used to conceal and to reveal. In this piece I work with repetition, stuttering and self-appellation. The words shift and fragment.
In the video triptych Hasselblad Announcements I return to the three aesthetic techniques that have characterized the series in its entirety to date: repetition, stuttering and self- appellation. All three methods contribute to making the meaning of what is actually said ambiguous. The facial expressions, like the words that are pronounced, shift and fragment.

In one of the sequences the classical gesture of filming is acted out while the statement echoes, this is a still photograph. When she comes to the word “still,” she starts to stammer in the middle of the sentence. Here, the meaning shifts the content, and becomes a play on the media used, performed and told at the same time. A film that says it’s a photo at the same time as the character is filming. It’s a phonological experiment, a linguistic turning point. In this piece, it’s quite noticeable that I want to be analogue, the figure is stuttering like an old LP record.