Guy Veale

Inspired by the history of telecommunication, among other things ‘Hochbrunft’ (deer rut) unites the libidinal vocalisations of large stags with recordings of deadpan numbers stations voices broadcast in many languages, initially set against a backdrop of (usually unheard) natural phenomena, such as the sound of rain and bird’s feet on fallen telegraph wires in the Australian outback (picked up by contact microphones) or space/weather-related sferics, tweeks and whistlers in the VLF range recorded by Stephen P. McGreevy’s WR-3 receiver…
before disintegrating into increasingly complex units of frothing concrète ambience – with analogue and digital sources manipulated by both analogue and digital processes or effects – and ending in an industrial whirlwhird absolutely devoid of all relation to sound as movement of air in space, other than by the force of its own broadcast.

A full tracklisting of the artists featured can be found here.